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If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It
April 22, 2024 9:22 PM
written by Celeste Celaya

Success is like playing Chutes and Ladders. Everyone is trying to get to the top, but sometimes we fall back a few spaces and have to work even harder to get to our goal. Some of us make it to the top, others of us never do. If you look at life as a game, you most likely think everything is determined by chance. “He won the game because he got lucky.” However, achieving success in real life is more than rolling a pair of dice. You need positivity, motivation, and focus. Seems simple, but for some people it takes a few extra steps. There are people who have worked hard and still can’t reach their goal, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t destined to succeed. A lot of times, without realizing, it is ourselves holding us back. Luckily, with the help of hypnosis, you can dig deep into your subconscious and see what is holding you back from achieving success and direct your focus on the things that will help you.

What hypnosis does is help us get over our fears and turns our focus on our goals by changing our thought processes and eventually how we behave (Hypnotherapy Directory). Hypnosis can be used for people to achieve personal and professional success. In fact, several celebrities have used hypnotherapy to gain their fame. Tiger Woods used hypnosis to allow him to block out distractions and focus while on the golf course, Reese Witherspoon used hypnosis to overcome her insecurities, and Julia Roberts used it to overcome her stutter (Center of Success). Hypnotherapy also works at “increasing confidence in our ability to achieve anything we set our minds to” (Hypnosis Directory). If you are constantly doubting yourself you are guaranteed not to accomplish your goals. Changing our thoughts changes our behavior, which then leads to better outcomes.

To change our behavior we also have to change our attitudes. Having a positive attitude not only makes it easier to work towards your goals, but it makes it easier to look at any setbacks in a way that won’t discourage you. The fact that “optimists have better immune systems, live longer, become less stressed by challenges and persevere longer, meaning they’re more likely to ultimately succeed” (Uncommon Knowledge) reflects just how crucial it is to adjust our attitudes. Hypnosis helps make positive thinking an instinct, that way you will respond to challenges in ways that will be beneficial to your goals.

Hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones helps his clients by understanding the goals they want to achieve and determine what it is that is blocking them from attaining that. Jones says that having a goal you are passion about is better than just wanting a large amount of money (Forbes). Passion is linked to motivation and motivation is necessary for reaching your goals. The second part of Jones’ hypnotherapy has the client focus on their past successes and if they haven’t had any, he has them think of their strengths, which boosts self-confidence (Forbes). Fear of public speaking and low self-confidence can get in the way of furthering our career and ultimately halting our success. Julia Roberts once struggled with stuttering and now she is one of the highest paid actresses in the world. If it wasn’t for her taking the step to improve her stutter, she may never have achieved the same success she has. Success is more than knowing business, it is being the best version of yourself. That is why it is important to also focus on improving your personal flaws.

Hypnotherapy puts the individual in a relaxing state and speaks directly to the subconscious, which is in charge of our underlying thoughts and behavior. “Hypnosis works by updating the subconscious mind with new and more helpful information” (About Hypnosis), like changing how we think about ourselves. If we re-wire the subconscious mind to believe that we will be successful, the subconscious will make us act in ways that will attract that. “If you think in terms of abundance and success, your subconscious will guide you to and attract you to abundance and success” (Self-Hypnosis) and vice versa. Tyrell explains that “hypnosis can help create success because hypnosis is about creating expectations” (Uncommon Knowledge). Hypnosis works towards making the subconscious expect success. If you expect success, success is what you will achieve.

Self-hypnosis if effective in training your conscious mind to get rid of negative self-beliefs and thoughts by replacing them with positive self-beliefs and thoughts (Street Directory). Having the right mental attitude will make financial success more accessible. “If you’re constantly worrying about money, then you’re pushing it away from you” (Street Directory). Having a relaxed and positive attitude toward money in general will make it more attainable. Financially successful people ignore self-doubt and genuinely believe in their ability to make money (Street Directory). Self-hypnosis will train your conscious mind to think thoughts of wealth of success. Self-hypnosis requires dedication, as it is necessary to practice it on a daily basis.

There are three self-hypnosis techniques: visualization, suggestion, and affirmations. Visualization requires you to imagine your life as if you already have the wealth you want and not as something that has yet to be achieved. Self-hypnosis CDs can be used for suggestion, as the words reach deep into the subconscious. Affirmations, such as “I attract wealth and success” can be said verbally or mentally throughout the day (Street Directory). These techniques should be used until you feel you have reached the financial success you have been working for.

For hypnosis to work, you must be open-minded, remain relaxed and integrate the learned techniques into your daily life. This means being consistent when doing self-hypnosis and continuing hypnotherapy regularly. Changing your attitude is one of the first steps needed to take when working to achieve success. Hypnosis will help make positive attitudes instinctive to help with overcoming pitfalls. It is important to remember that having a goal that is more than wanting a fat paycheck will make your goals realistic. Achieving success through hypnosis is possible, as long as you believe it, you will achieve it.









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