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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis, to put it briefly, is a state of mind which everyone is capable of achieving. There are many uses of hypnosis, and the cost of hypnotherapy service is most often outweighed by the numerous benefits you achieve in a short period of time.

When properly induced by a licensed counselor extensively trained in hypnotherapy, the hypnotic state produces a wonderful relaxation, during which your inner mind is able to be reached directly, even though you are consciously aware of what you are doing. You are aware of everything the hypnotist says while you are hypnotized. To learn more about hypnosis, please read our facts page, and check out our complete hypnosis guide.

Why are we Houston’s top choice for hypnotherapy service?

Houston Hypnosis Center® has been helping thousands of people through hypnosis since 1993. Joshua Syna M.A., L.C.D.C., C.Ht, has hypnotized over 20,000 clients to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome insomnia, reduce stress and anxiety, depression, build self-confidence, overcome alcohol and drug addictions, and eliminate many other problems. If you are considering hypnosis then call or email us today for your free consultation.

Joshua Syna, M.A., L.C.D.C., C.Ht., clinical hypnotherapist, is a licensed counselor in the State of Texas, and is one of the foremost facilitators of change in the southwest. He has been featured on Fox News, Telemundo, Shape magazine and the Houston Chronicle as well as other newspapers and radio programs, and educates the public about the benefits of hypnotherapy. Mr. Syna conducts individual hypnosis sessions in his practice located in the Houston Heights, and he can be reached at (713) 869-6463 Send Text.

Is Hypnosis real?

Many people wonder: does hypnosis work? In the past there has been much skepticism with regards to the use of hypnosis. This is understandable because of the seemingly dramatic nature of its phenomena. But dedicated hypnotherapists have devoted many years in research to establish it as a recognized therapeutic tool. Although the American Medical Association has no official stance on the use of hypnosis, a landmark study published in 1958 by the Council on Mental Health of the American Medical Association helped the American public to start becoming informed of the fact that hypnotherapy is a science that can help solve many problems by documenting the effectiveness and efficacy of hypnosis. One such study published in 2005 showed hypnosis produced significant results and improved symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome (IBS).

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