Hypnosis Reviews

These are some of the wonderful benefits our clients have received from the Hypnotherapy services we have provided to over 15,000 people in the Houston community since 1993. Hypnosis can help you over come many problems. As you read these results, you’ll realize that hypnosis can help you look and feel better and achieve your goals quickly and easily.

“I am eternally grateful to Josh for the work he’s doing to help people become free of this awful addiction. I had tried the patch, tapering off, gum, candy- and even quitting cold turkey, but nothing worked. One session with Josh changed my life! And I am still smoke free- 9 years later!



“I recently met you at a business breakfast and was impressed with your subject. I quit smoking over 25 years ago and recently began smoking cigars and cigarettes. I came to you the first week in July 1999 and after one and a half hours walked out of our session and HAVE NOT HAD AN URGE TO SMOKE any more. I can’t tell you how impressed I am. Thank you so much for your help.”



“My son had an emotional breakdown at age 4. Over the next 4 years, over $250,000 was spent on his mental healthcare. We went through 5 insurance policies and United Way helped us. It didn№t help at all. Though my son had a high IQ, he had a lot of problems in school and was almost held back in the second grade. Fate brought us to Joshua. Just 3 sessions changed our lives. My son is healthy and emotionally stable. He is in advanced classes in the 8th grade and has many friends. Hypnosis worked very quickly for us and the effects were apparantly permanent (4 years). Thank you, Josh! We love you.”



“A few years ago I found myself feeling discouraged about my weight – I had gained 12 pounds over the course of 5 years and could not seem to successfully diet. I supposed it was pre-menopause because in my thirty№s dieting worked for me. I thought about diet pills, but shied away from that and decided to try hypnosis. Not only did I lose those 12 pounds, but I found myself feeling more relaxed, happier and spiritually renewed. Hypnosis taught me to be more aware of when I am full and I choose more healthy foods naturally today. Joshua Syna is a very caring practitioner and a man who tries hard to make a positive difference.”



“To whom it may concern, In my entire life I have never endorsed someone’s practices or beliefs as everyone has their own opinion or concerns about everything. In this case I was asked and had no problem about giving my endorsement and report of hypnosis session with Joshua Syna. I was a smoker for 32-33 years and for the last 10 or so of those years, was a 2.5-3 pack a day smoker. I had tried almost everything and every gimmick to quit smoking in the past. Mr. Syna was recommended to me by two friends of mine who were also die-hard smokers whom Joshua had cured of the problem. I figured that I was a such a die-hard that I needed more than Joshua had to offer, so I took Zyban pills and set up my hypnosis session on the same day as my quit date on the pills. I stopped taking the pills 1 week after my session. The hypnosis left a constant reminder of keeping myself healthy and smoke free. It was by far the easiest experience that I had ever had in trying to quit. It has now been 15 months and I haven’t smoked since my session. So based on my experience I would highly recommend Joshua Syna’s services.”



“The result that I have gotten from the Transformation and Empowerment Center fit under the category of Miraculous. I am still in this process and already have seen amazing results. The first thing that we tackled was weight. I am now 25 pounds closer to my weight goal and do not diet or struggle with eating mouse size portions. I now just eat when I am hungry and naturally stop when I am full even when it’s food that I really like and would have overeaten on before. I have also learned that the food that you eat has nothing to do with how much you weigh. I was one of the people that could eat 900 calories per day, work out 4 times per week for six weeks straight and not cheat and gain weight. The reason for this weight gain, even through dieting was that I was allergic to more than 250 foods, (that’s when we stopped counting). When I would eat the food my whole body swell, I would get welts, my skin would burn and my shoulder muscles would tighten to a painful level. In one day I could gain 20-25 pounds. In the last week I have eaten anything I wanted and have not swelled at all. The hives/welts are gone and the burning sensation in my hands comes and is gone within 10 minutes. It used to be 2-3 days. I am also sure that this symptom will leave soon. The best part is getting rid of Lupus. A disease that I have been fighting for 15 years plus is now completely gone. No more fatigue, no kidney pain. My thinking power is no longer foggy, trying to remember what to say. No more joint and muscle pain. It№s all just gone! This was not a short process, although for some people it is, everyone is different. For me I had exhausted everything else so I had no other options. I had to learn to relax and stick with it no matter how long it took. The results have paid off. As soon as we restore my organs to normal functionality, which is absolutely possible. I am going to do some really fun stuff like creating lots of money, and creating an even better sexual relationship with my husband. There are only three things that you have to do in order to make this work, and I am living proof of this. You have to want the results, your spouse can’t want them for you. You have to be committed to the result. You have to come to a realization that you created the problem in your body and mind, and you have to show up faithfully to do the work, even when you think it’s not working, the changes are small, sometimes at first, and then they get big all of a sudden. Oh I keep remembering that everyone is different. Joshua is wonderful. He is a person that’s out to have you win and he really cares about people. He has a special gift and I thank God that I have had the opportunity to do this work with him that has healed my mind and body.”



“I went to Joshua with a series of health challenges, but I was more interested in getting help on my ability to putt. After two sessions, my ability on the golf course has been incredible. My attitude and ability to relax has been phenomenal. I have seen Joshua on several occasions to remedy those things in my life that need attention. I believe so much in his work that I have sent several friends and business associates to visit him”



” I feel better about me. I was willing to remain on a better health program after a session. When you realize it’s not the food that solves the problem-only I can solve it.”



“When I first came to the Transformation and Empowerment Center I had been diagnosed with adult onset diabetes. I was also suffering from impotence, partly as a result of the diabetes, and partly from the fear and humiliation that had resulted from the impotence. It was difficult for me, at first, to accept that my diabetes, and the resulting impotence could be helped by hypnotism. But after a few sessions, I noticed an improvement in my symptoms and with continued use of the techniques and suggestions that I was given, I now am no longer using the sugar control medication, that I was told by my doctor that I would need for the rest of my life (my sugar level is now normal ), and I now have normal erections and my overall heath has improved dramatically. I feel better than I ever have and my life has turned around so much that I feel like a new person. I, my companion, and my family are forever in your debt. Thank you, Joshua for giving me my life back!”



“I have been smoking for a long time, about 18 years. And then I went to a stop smoking session with Joshua and did not want to smoke then after. After my session when I saw someone smoking I did not want to smoke! I also went through hypnosis for relaxation and it helped me a lot!. I felt suddenly relaxed and happy after the session. This program really works!”



“I first decided to try hypnosis because I was so stressed out that I just wanted to die. Nothing else seemed to help so I decided try hypnosis as a last resort. I was astounded at how much better I felt after just one visit!!! After about three visits I was finally relieved of a lifetime of stress and tension. I realized that I had actually never been relaxed before in my life!!! It made such a difference in my attitude that people were asking me what I had done. Needless to say, they wanted to try hypnosis too! And they always seemed to experience positive results, sometimes astonishingly so. I cannot tell you how or why hypnosis works, all that I can tell you is that it does work! I also used hypnosis for weight loss and lost a total of about twenty pounds with no effort on my part at all. It was the easiest “diet” I had ever been on. I wholeheartedly recommend this procedure to anyone interested in feeling good both mentally and physically.”



“I made an appointment with Joshua because I needed to lose weight. I also had so much stress going. I am a realtor and own and operate a property management company that is completely separate from my real estate brokerage. My husband and I worked together, we had just built a new home and after we moved in, the flood of ’94 came in our brand new 3100 sq. ft. home and we didn’t have any flood insurance. It caused $50,000 worth of damage. When I’m stressed and depressed, I eat. The night before my appointment with Joshua, my husband of 34 years left me because he wanted to run away from our problems. Joshua not only helped me lose weight, but was one of the wisest counselors I’ve ever come across. He didn’t charge by the hour as all of my past counselors and therapists did, but by the session. It was the same charge no matter how long we talked, including time before the hypnosis session. He sincerely cares about you and gives you a different perspective to try. I felt so relaxed and calm after our hypnosis sessions. I highly recommend Joshua to anyone wanting to try hypnosis for their problems, whether it’s overeating, drinking, smoking, or just stress from your fast pace life.”



“My name is Kathleen S. Ford. Four years ago I was desperately seeking help to stop smoking. I was looking through the phone book and found Joshua. At that time the only exposure I had to hypnosis was on the television, movies, etc. I called him on that day, and he sent me a brochure. I later went in for my first visit. This was Oct. 28, 1994 the first day of my new life as a Non Smoker. On this day, after 33 years of smoking at least 2 1/2 to 3 packs per day, I was free. A couple of weeks went by and I called Joshua feeling a little scared I might slip back. I went in for another visit to assist my stop smoking campaign. Since then I visit the Transformation and Empowerment Center at least 4 times per year to deal with other problems. It has helped me in so many ways. I haven’t smoked for almost 4 years. Hypnosis has helped me in other ways as well. Such as dealing with stress management, personal problems such as depression, and a sleep disorder. Two years ago my granddaughter Brittany, an eight year old with the unconscious habit of sucking her fingers in her sleep, was brought to Joshua for help. She had to sleep with wool gloves on and the dentist had made a terrible contraption for her to put on while she slept. After spending much money, time, and effort we all felt as though this problem was hopeless. I mentioned Brittany to Joshua and we later made an appointment. After only one visit Brittany was also free from her prison as well. Before I thought I could never be a candidate for hypnosis because I am very stubborn and strong willed. I actually thought I couldn’t be hypnotized. Much to my surprise hypnosis has become another tool I have acquired for dealing with life’s problems. I am very thankful for this gift Joshua has introduced to me and my family. May you be blessed with the same success I have had for the last four years.”



“I went to Joshua for 2 months. I am a Realtor and find the stress can be overwhelming at times. The benefit of hypnosis for me was like cleaning out the cobwebs. I was able to focus more and be much more productive with my time. I felt a peace that, even though the world around me was chaotic, I was better able to focus on the issues and handle them without stress. My priorities seemed to be better aligned. I had always been anxious about driving in Houston traffic. My heart would pound, the anxiety would mount, and many times I would be in tears. I would normally avoid driving in Houston by myself. After only one session, I can drive in the Houston traffic without the intense fear I felt before.”



“Joshua enabled me to strengthen my own ability to relax, concentrate, and control my urges to smoke, but also to control other urges like overeating, worrying, etc. I highly recommend hypnosis for anyone that needs to get in touch with themselves and strengthen their will power.”



My name is Ira Chorush. I began smoking when I was sixteen years old and smoked about two and a half packs a day for 37 years. During that time, I made dozens of attempts to quit, using acupuncture, the patch, gum, xyban, and even cold turkey. No method ever succeeded for as much as a full day. I avoided being in situations where I couldn’t smoke; sporting events, plays etc., or traveling by airplane. Since visiting Joshua Syna more than four months ago, I have not smoked a single cigarette. Moreover, I have had very few occasions on which I felt more than a mild urge to smoke and even then the urge passed quickly. I regard Joshua’s treatment as amazingly effective. Joshua is willing to spend whatever time is necessary to achieve his results. In my own case, he spent more than two hours with me. The time I spent in hypnosis was relaxing and would have been worthwhile on its own, but the result has surpassed my most wishful thinking; an (almost) painless, stressless method for quitting smoking. I say “almost” because some effort is required, but it is truly minimal. No one who truly wants to stop smoking should fail to consult with Joshua. I recommend his services wholeheartedly and with no reservations whatsoever.”



“Hypnosis gave me relief in stressful situations. It enabled me to use what I learned to relax and calm myself during stressful situations from that time on. Hypnosis was the beginning of a pattern in my life of self-care.”



“I first decided to try hypnosis for weight loss after hearing of a woman who had gone to Joshua Syna. Hypnosis was the most peaceful and relaxing experience. I must say before my first experience I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t think it would work. My experiences under hypnosis amazed me because I wasn’t asleep and could recall what was said. Hypnosis helped me realize I often ate out of frustration or depression. In turn I also discovered many other things about myself…I was unhappy with my job and I rediscovered other things I liked to do. I’ve lost 13 lbs. and have 9lbs to go to reach my goal. I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. I’ll be forever grateful to Joshua and am planning on taking my college son to Joshua to help him with test anxiety. I am a believer in hypnosis and have begun to read more about it. Thank You, Joshua!”



I’ve always been apprehensive about dental work – okay, “fear” is the proper description. So when I needed to have a root canal, I knew I was in for a bout of real pain followed by extreme agony. I asked Joshua if there was anything he could do to help. I wasn’t sure it would work, but it was worth a try. He gave me some instructions on how to handle the fear, and I just followed them. It was pretty simple, and it worked! I ended up having the entire root canal procedure (four roots “excavated”), with absolutely no anesthesia and no pain. My dentist was astonished because he knew what kind of trouble I had before. He kept saying, “Are you sure you didn’t feel that?” I felt it, but it didn’t hurt. “No pain dentistry,” I guess you could call it. Thanks, Joshua!



“Stress was reduced by using the techniques used and taught. Refocusing on problems and the options help with sleep patterns; make a choice and move on; strive to eliminate procrastination!”



“I was treated to stop smoking (1 pack per day). I have had no desire to smoke since. Actually, the thought of being around smoke makes me sick.”


Houston, Texas

“Through the use of hypnosis, I was able to lose 10 pounds. The sessions were relaxing and enjoyable and I looked forward to them each week. Talking with Joshua Syna helped me learn a lot about why I ate too much. I found myself eating less and less and reducing weight steadily. I never felt deprived or hungry and even looked forward to exercising. In addition, I felt more relaxed throughout the week. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone who has struggled to lose weight or wonders why they consistently gain weight after dieting.”

Charlotte Chatelain

Houston, Texas

“I was very impressed with the results and have been able to share my goals with others who could use the benefits as well.”

Russell J. Guidry Sr.

Houston, Texas

“Sessions with Joshua were very relaxing and a positive experience.”

Michael Levitin

Houston, Texas

“I visited Joshua in January 2012, and in one pleasant, painless session he eliminated my desire to smoke- much to my amazement. Joshua accomplished what years of pills, gum, acupuncture, cold turkey, and other methods could not. I don’t know how he did what he did, but I’m delighted with the resutls. In the months since Joshua helped me stop smoking, I’ve saved a ton of money, I feel better than I have in years, and I’m proud of this major accomplishment. My only regret is that I didn’t visit Joshua years earlier!”

Bryan Smith

Houston, Texas

” I have gone to Joshua several times, once for smoking and another time for controlling eating.

The most important session for me was after the second hurricane I had experienced. I was very stressed by having my home and everything around me devastated twice. He worked me through the experience by relating it to a war zone that has been hit over and over, you develop a fear of being a victim. I knew I was feeling depressed but was glad I had Joshua as a solution to get me back on track. “

Marsha Oakes

Hackberry, Louisiana

” My first visit for hypnosis with Joshua was to help me quit smoking. It has been over 3 years now and I am pleased to announce that I am still an ex-smoker. The results were so positive that I returned several times after to help me with a very stressful working condition I had at the time, and again the results were beyond expectation.

Joshua makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything. Any stress in your life, give this a try. You’ll be surprised how easy it is and how great you’ll feel.”

Nathalie Ham

Cypress, Texas

” After a break-up and particularly stressful job aquisition and merger, I began having difficulty sleeping. My mind simply would not turn off at night, and I found myself exhausted through much of the day. This lasted for several weeks before I decided to seek help. Friends and family (especially those in the medical field) kept encouraging me to try sleeping pills, but I’m simply not a fan of taking a pill to cure all ailments- particularly when I know that the issue is caused by something controllable–stress. Having heard that hypnotherapy has been known to help insomnia and stress reduction, I decided to give it a try. A quick web search produced limited results in my hometown area- an area not well known for alternative methodologies- so I started researching possibilities in Houston. After narrowing my search by certain criteria, I ultimately selected Mr. Syna. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, on my first visit as I had never been hypnotized before (prior to reading the information on Mr. Syna’s website, I had believed that some folks could not be hypnotized).

In short, I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Syna’s calm demeanor and willingness to listen, respond to any questions I had, and ensure that I knew at all times what was “next” in our sessions. Never did I feel uncomfortable or nervous while undergoing hypnosis. I enjoyed the relaxing sessions so much that I continued to drive the two hours to Mr. Syna’s office for 5-6 sessions. I am happy to report that my stress management and sleep patterns have remained greatly improved since my sessions in 2002, and I would highly recommend Joshua Syna’s services to anyone looking for a non-invasive means for handling stress, overcoming insomnia, or any of the other known ailments or addictions that hypnosis can help. I would even go so far as to say that hypnosis can help with all aspects of our lives since our belief system is what drives our actions and reactions.

Thanks so much, Josh! You have made an incredible difference in my life!”

Michelle Ann White

Austin, Texas

“One day, after thinking about my addictions to drinking and smoking going on 15 years, I surrendered. Yes, said out loud “enough already”. Knew where I wanted to go, recommendations from friends and family but had every excuse until that one day. The key for me was I really wanted to end this treadmill of addiction. Sober for 20 years and Joshua through hypnosis ended my smoking in one day, and that for me was because I truly wanted it to work. Do yourself a favor and get your life back.

With Love, A happy 75 year old Woman!”

Susan B. Byrd

Houston, Texas

“Joshua Syna helped me quit smoking through hypnosis. My appointment was May 8, 2011 in the morning. It took a single one-hour session. I haven’t had a cigarette since (2 1/2 years). I really didn’t think hypnosis would work for me as I tried numerous other methods to no avail.

I started smoking when I was about 15. I finally quit when I was 52. I smoked about a pack a day, sometimes more. I really liked smoking. I just didn’t like the smell of my clothes, car or house with lingering stale cigarette smoke. I was also starting to notice health issues such as shortness of breath and other long-time smoker’s issues. I didn’t want to carry cigarettes with me or make room for them in my purse. I didnt want to worry about making sure I had enough to last me before I would get to the store again to buy more. I didn’t want to have to budget this large expense as I really had other things I wanted to spend my money on. I didn’t want to have to try to find a restaurant or bar that allowed smoking so that I could smoke after a meal or with a drink. I wanted to start from scratch and feel like I never smoked. That way, I would’nt feel like I was missing anything. It’s hard to explain, but I woud love to have a cigarette. I still like the smell of a freshly burning cigarette. I just don’t do it anymore! I feel free.

Heidemarie Hellriegel

Houston, Texas

” I needed to lose weight I had gained over the years due to emotional overeating. Joshua had outstanding credentials, so I made an appointment. Not only did his session and CD’s help me gain control of overeating, they also helped relieve some emotional stress I carried around. “

Dr. Laura Aquino

Houston, Texas

” Wonderful. I have not smoked in almost a year since being hypnotized. I stopped that very day and have had no desire to smoke again. I was a smoker for almost 30 years. Now when I see people smoking or smell someone who has been smoking I am disgusted. I don’t know how my family put up with the smell. I wish I had called sooner. Also, I have actually lost weight since quitting. Don’t wait. Worth every penny.”

Brad Alexander Weber

Houston, Texas

“Joshua- I apologize for not doing this sooner!! Thank you so much!! I will gladly share my story, as I have shared with many others over the number of years since my hypnosis session with you.

I was 50 years old and a person that really LIKED to smoke. I liked the ceremony, the feeling, and the opportunity for camaraderie while on smoke breaks at work. Now I was looking at two long haul flights; one to Norway and one to Hawaii. Previous trips like this found me really “jonesing” for a cigarette. I did not like this feeling and felt it was time to quit. Previous attempts did not work and I found Joshua online and just had a great feeling about him.

I was so nervous on my drive to Joshua’s office that I chained smoked all the way east on I-10 from Katy. Joshua immediately calmed me down and explained all about the upcoming session. He listened to my concerns such as gaining weight, being cranky, and turning into a judgemental ex-smoker. Joshua wanted to make sure that should I regress or have any rough times not to consider this a defeat, but come back to a “tune up”. He said that many of his smoking cessation clients successfully quit smoking after only one session.

I would like to go on record to say that I am another client that successfully quit after only a single hypnosis session. The pack of cigarettes even stayed in my car for quite a while and I never picked up a cigarette since I left Joshua’s office. I did not gain weight. I enjoyed my flights and never even thought about having a cigarette. I am over three years out since that session and never looked back.”

Georgia Helene Hackleman

Houston, Texas

“Are you ready to kick the nicotene habit? If it will be your New year resolution; then you must see Joshua…1 hypnosis session, 1 time, and I have been smoke free for 8 years. It was worth 1 hour of my time to change my life for a healthier and happier one. Thanks again, Joshua and congratulations on your 20th anniversary!”

Kim Epley

Houston, Texas

” I approached Dr. Syna about a problem I had with a dental phobia. For me this was a like a cancer taking over my life. One session with Dr. Syna had such an empowering result that life for me was being set free from a cage. I practice his suggestions daily and thank God each day for guiding me to this therapy session, and that I was guided to such an understanding and approachable person.

Just do it…it works.”

Ron Fontenot

Houston, Texas

“After 33 years of smoking I decided to try hypnosis. I chose Joshua Syna because his website didn’t make promises and felt honest about the process. I stopped smoking that day. Unfortunately after about 10 years, I went through a profound personal loss. I got angry and picked up a cigarette one day. I knew if I went back it would work again. It did.

Even if you have the worst things going on in your life, if you are ready, this really works. I recommend it to people all the time. Joshua Syna is the best!”

Holly Compton

Webster, Texas

“For those in doubt:
One session with Joshua totally stopped a 2 pack a day habit that I had for 30 years. It was so easy to stay away from the cigarettes after the session that I felt like I was cheating some how. I have been off tobacco for 9 years now and have recommended many friends to Joshua that have also stopped smoking.”

Douglas Steffek

Deer Park, Texas

“Having been a client of Mr. Syna for some years now, I can honestly say that the sessions that we have had have done tremendous positive influence in my life; I have to be honest, at first I was a little apprehensive and skeptical about the whole hypnosis thing. But after the second session, I really began to see results.

Going through the process, it is almost like in the back of your mind, all of the good things that should be there and guide you to make positive decisions in your life regardless of what your life situation you might be faced with. It is weird, but it’s almost like a second nature that has always been there to help you make the right decisions.

I completely believe in this therapy, I’m grateful that I participated in it, and I would thoroughly recommend it.”

Carlos Ulloa

Houston, Texas

“Until I heard about your services I really believed that I could never quit smoking. Smoking is such a serious addiction and I must say it really had a hold on my life. My family members were always on me about smoking. It was my crutch, for every crisis in my life a cigarette would help with my immediate breakdown. I smoked for 30 years plus and I am 55 years old. I was very much aware of the dangers of smoking. However the addiction outweighed the dangers, the thought of any kind of cancer or any other illness that smoking causes was secondary.

Being as young as I am with adult children, I begin to think about being ill and interrupting their young lives by having them take care of me as I deteriorate from my addiction and the many ills associated with cigarette smoking. I would have fleeting thoughts about having grandkids and all the things I wanted to do for them…nothing outweighed my addiction.

My daughter said to me “Mom, if you quit smoking I will purchase you some veneers ” (pretty teeth). We all know how much they cost!! I wanted the prtty teeth; I also wanted to continue to smoke, and I gave up another year to my addiction.

When I am out and about I see many people with oxygen tanks, I know all are not from smoking but some are and I would cry and say “God please help me overcome this addiction. It begins to weigh heavily on me. Every time I had an ache or pain I associated it with smoking.

I finally realized I had no choices, if I wanted to live a long life, it could not involve smoking. I felt like I could not go cold turkey so I went to the mall and purchased an electric cigarette for $250.00. It was not the same as a real one so that was money wasted and I was still smoking real cigarettes. Seems as if I began to smoke more because I was worried about smoking……..crazy I know!

One day I said I’m going to do it whatever it takes I have to do it. I’m going to die if I don’t quit smoking I begin to pray to God “please give me an out. You know the desires of my heart”. So, I went on the internet and I found Dr. Syna I immediately picked up the telephone and made an appointment.

On my way to Dr. Syna’s office I stopped and got a pack of cigarettes, I smoked all I could smoke on the way. Once I arrived I set out front in my ashtray that I drove and smoked a couple more. I had such anticipation I was ready to move along in this new chapter of being a non-smoker.

I went in talked to Doc about why I wanted to quit he helped me realized the benefits of quitting after my conversation with him I dropped my new pack of cigareettes and my lighter in the trash can on the side of Doc’s desk, that was August 29, 2012 and I have not smoked a single cigarette since then.

I am motivated by the promises of God, good health and long life on the earth.

I never said it was easy!! But, you have to start somewhere.

Kathryn Kilpatrick

Houston, Texas

“I attempted for years to stop smoking. I used the patch, gum, and even tried “cold turkey” with no long term success. I stopped smoking after one session with Joshua Syna. I have not had a cigarette in over 6 years. Dr. Syna is a true life saver.”

Harry Routh, Jr.

Houston, Texas

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